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NOTE: Please contact Phillip Edwards, Brent Springs, or our office to confirm the material is in stock. If the requested material is not in stock, it can be specially ordered. Not all products may be listed,  and if it is not listed feel free to give us a call. Each item is available in various sizes and can be requested online or on-site. Animals are not allowed inside the warehouse. Delivery available for select purchases. If you have any further questions regarding the various metals listed below, pricing, services,  our hours are Monday through Friday from 7 am to 4:15 pm.


Aluminum (Warehouse)

  Item - 6063 Aluminum Angle      

  Item - Aluminum Flat


 Description -

 Description -

The main alloying elements are magnesium and silicon. Applications of aluminum angle exist in trailers and safety cages.

The aluminum flat is made in one of 3 ways. By extrusion, rolling, and/or coiling. Applications of aluminum flat bar exist in building supports. 

 Item - Aluminum Round

 Item - Aluminum Sheet


 Description -

The aluminum rod and bar are made by either extrusion, rolling, or coiling. It can be drawn from molten aluminum. Applications of aluminum round exist in transportation & construction. 

 Description -

The aluminum sheet is made through a process called electrolysis. Applications for paneling exist in automobiles, households, guttering, and the roofing industry.

 Item - Aluminum Pipe


 Description -

The aluminum pipe is made by using the extrusion process. Applications of aluminum pipe exist in the aerospace, hydraulic, fuel, and automobile industries. 

 Item - Aluminum Tubing


 Description -

The aluminum tubing begins with a slug or blank. It is then set into a die where it is then extruded. The extrusion forms a tube and is trimmed to the desired length. Applications of aluminum tubing exist in the automobiles & aerospace industries.

Steel (Warehouse)

 Item - Steel Angle

 Item - Steel Bar Grate


 Description -

The steel angle takes the rolled carbon steel and bends the metal to a ninety-degree angle. Applications of steel angle exist in brackets, reinforcements, and framing.

 Item - Steel Channel

 Description -

The steel bar grate is made by creating slits in a metal sheet and then expanding the sheet. This results in the diamond pattern. Applications exist in decking and trenches.

 Item - Steel Cold Rolled Round


 Description -

The steel channel is made from hot-rolled steel. The process by which it is made is known as roll-forming with flanges at right angles on either side. Applications constructing vehicle frames. 

 Description -

The steel cold rolled round is made by pulling a bar through a die that is smaller than the hot-rolled material. It is used in metal appliances, and garages for industrial buildings. 

 Item - Steel Cold Rolled Flat

 Item - Steel Decking


 Description -

 Description -

The cold rolled flat is made by re-rolling the steel at around temperature. It is then either coiled into sheets or drawn into bars to tubes. Applications of cold roll flat exist in mechanical operations & parts.

 Item - Steel Flats

The steel decking is made through roll forming. The steel decking is pulled off of rolls and led through a rolling die, creating the structure above. Applications of steel decking exist in floor decking and roofing.

 Item - Steel Floor Plate


 Description -

The steel flat consists of sheets and plates. It is made by negative deviation rolling from slabs which is a semi-finished steel product. Applications of steel flats exist in building support materials. 

 Description -

The steel floor plate is made either by being "stamped" by 2 large presses or by an electronic thermal machine that flashes the metal making it molten. Applications of steel floor plates exist in work platforms and ramps.

 Item - Hot Rolled Square Steel

 Item - Steel Pipe


 Description -

Steel hot rolled square is made by a process known as negative deviation rolling. The material used is slabs which is a semi-finished steel product. Applications of hot-roll steel square include building support materials.

 Item - Steel Rail Cap

 Description -

The steel pipe is rolled from a piece of steel sheet and welded along with the seem or it is formed from a steel billet. Applications of steel pipe exist in the transportation of resources like water, oil, and gas.

 Item - Steel Rebar


 Description -

The steel rail cap is variably made out of molded steel and formed through extrusion. Applications of steel rail caps exist in handrails and  certain channels.

 Description -

The steel rebar is in most cases made from scrap steel. The scrap steel is melted in an electric arc furnace and it is then cast into billets which are then hot-rolled into a bar.  Applications include construction.

 Item - Steel Beam


 Description - 

The steel beam is made either through hot rolling, cold rolling, extrusion, or it is made through welding. Applications exist in the construction industry.

 Item - Steel Cold Rolled Square


 Description -

Steel cold rolled square is made by pulling a bar through a die that is smaller than the hot-rolled material. Applications exist in mechanical operations and keyways for electric motors. 

 Item - Expanded Steel


 Description -

The expanded steel is produced by an expanding machine that turns steel sheets into expanded steel mesh.  Applications of expanded steel exist in catwalks, walkways, rail enclosures, and flooring.

 Item - Hot Rolled Round Steel


 Description -

The hot rolled round steel is formed by pressing the metal at a temperature well above its recrystallization threshold. It is easier to form and makes the product (round steel) easier to work with. Applications of hot roll round steel exist in agriculture elements & machinery.

 Item - Steel Racking


 Description -

The steel racking is made by hot-rolling iron into thick low-gauge steel components that are then bolted together. Applications of steel racking exist in steel shelves and racks. 

 Item - Steel Sheet


 Description -

The steel sheet and sheet altogether go through 4 stages. Melting, pouring, pickling,  and the rolling stage. Applications of steel sheet exist in automobile and truck bodies. 

 Item -   Steel Tube 


 Description -

The steel tubing is inverted into ingots, blooms, slabs, and billets. It is then created into a pipeline on a production line. The pipe is then formed into the desired product (in this case square tubing).

Stainles Steel (Warehouse)

 Item -  304 Stainless Steel Angle 

 Item -  304 Stainless Steel Flat 

 Item -  304 Stainless Steel Round  "Bars"


 Description -

 Description -

The 304 stainless steel angles can be produced by processes such as cold-drawn, hot rolled, or laser fused form. Applications of 304 stainless steel angles exist in framing, shelving, and construction. 

The 304 stainless steel flat bar comes in two forms. The first is the edge-treated flat bars. These are cost-effective and are cut from stainless steel plates. The second is hot rolled, annealed, pickled, and even cold-rolled form. Applications of 304 stainless steel flat exist in bracing and supports. 


 Description -

The 304 stainless steel round or "bar" is produced by molding it into exact specifications through forging, and/or cold-finish or hot-finishing the bars. Applications of 304 stainless steel round exist in rail tracks and vehicle interiors.

 Item -  304 Stainless Steel Sheet 


 Description -

The 304 stainless steel sheet is made much like the other sheet. It goes through the various processes of bending, cutting, press or rolling, joining, mechanical working, annealing, drawing, folding, anodizing, welding, riveting, brazing, stamping, and punching. Applications exist in the construction, transportation, marine, and textile industries. 

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